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the model car duster

The model car duster is unique!

MOMIRA: ModellautoreinigungsanlageIt is very easy to use. Push your car model through the duster. Repeat this process, depending on the degree of contamination. Most models polluted with house dust will be clean after one or more uses. They also receive a protective layer, which gives them a new shine, protects them from large dust contamination and ensures that they are easier to clean in the future.

The Model Car Duster is available in 2 standard designs:











The elegant model car cleaning system with high-grade aluminum housing:


Modellautoreinigungsanlage Standard mit AluminiumgehäuseDas edle gehäuse aus Aluminium der Momira Modellautoreinigungsanlage


and the cheaper model and car-cleaning system with a lightweight acrylic case – high quality and beautiful design:


Momira Modellautoreinigungsanlage Leicht mit Gehäuse aus AcrylglasMomira Modellautoreinigungsanlage Leicht mit eingeschobenen Refiller



Dust Magnet disposable box (refills)

MOMIRA: ModellautoreinigungsanlageAt a normal level of contamination with house dust up to 250 cleaning
cycles can be achieved. You can see the magnets need to be replaced when they change color from white, to grey or black. After that simply replace the Dust Magnet Cartridge and dispose of the old one in the


The Model Car Glove “HFM”

The Model Car Glove is peerless!

MOMIRA: ModellautoreinigungsanlageFor the collector, the MOMIRA model car glove is the optimal solution for care and hygiene. These gloves are the best way to prevent sweat, grease or debris on the skin from being transferred to the collector's items. Whether you are cleaning, transporting or simply moving your models, using the glove your "favorites" are always well protected. Strict testing and certification of our suppliers ensure you a quality product. The glove is made of white cotton, has form-fitting fingers, is lint free, washable to 60 degrees and allergy-free.


Limited special EditionMOMIRA: Modellautoreinigungsanlage

The limited edition in silver-colored metal with a personalized laser engraving is the perfect gift for the model car collector for a birthday or special occasion.


The beechwood storage box

MOMIRA: ModellautoreinigungsanlageThe elegant beech wood storage box for your model car cleaning system is the perfect addition for the collector. Lacquered and with the removable bottom of your choice it is suitable for sizes M1: 18, M1: 24, M1: 43 and M1: 87. The storage box is an eye-catcher on your shelf and also suitable as a special gift.


Model Car Duster
Metal box Model Car Duster set and dust magnet refills available in scale 1:18, 1:24, 1:43 and 1:87

Dust Magnet Refills
Dust magnet refills for the Model Car Duster in scale 1:18, 1:24, 1:43 and 1:87

Model Car Duster Light
Model car-cleaning system light set with acrylic box and dust magnet refill scale 1:18, 1:24, 1:43 and 1:87

Limited Special Edition
Silver-colored metal personalized with laser engraing, from (first and last name) including beech wood storage box

Model Gloves "HFM"
These lint free gloves are made of high quality cotton are washable to 60 degrees and allergy-free. The ideal solution for the collector. Available in the sizes XL to XXL

Beechwood Storage Box
Beech wood storage box for the Model Car Duster, lacquered with a removable bottom for models in scale 1:18, 1:24, 1:43 and 1:87