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Test Results for Momira

MOMIRA im TestThe following review was published by, we show here with permission.

What the heads of MOMIRA KG in Bad Reichenhall, have devised sounds like a brilliant idea. A cleaning system for model cars, simple cleansing and maintenance of collectibles – what more could a collector ask for? As you can imagine, there is growing interest in this innovation in the model car scene, and of course we wanted to know exactly what's behind this brilliant idea. MOMIRA generously provided us with a demonstration plant, and perhaps we can clarify some of the collector’s questions.

The MOMIRA model car cleaning system consists of two parts, the disposable dust magnets and the metal box to hold it. The metal box is used to stabilize the dust magnets and has a heavy Plexiglas floor with four rubber feet that provide a safe stand. The cleaning process is decidedly simple: Open the cleaning system on both sides, slowly push the model through - and that's it. Only one important question remains: Does it work?

The answer is yes - but with certain restrictions. Anyone hoping to remove nicotine stains from his eBay bargain will be sadly disappointed. The car duster is only meant for the removal of dust, all other contaminants must be removed with other cleaning materials. The facility is not a wash, as claimed, but more a dust catcher. Even with relatively strong dusty models, the system is reliable, though not in the first round. I needed to put my very dusty Yatming model through the cleaning system ten times, and shake out the filter a few times - but the result was remarkable! However, the cleaner doesn’t work with fixed adhering dust, as the same restrictions apply as with the nicotine problem, mentioned above.

On the other hand, one pass is enough to quickly remove loose dust for a bright and shiny model car.

You need to take a little time to get used to using the system, but soon you will find the best way to clean you models. Afterwards cleaning will be quick and easy. I sent my 1:18 models from recent shootings through the cleaning plant, and now have much less dust in the studio.

The principle is simple; in the disposable box there are micro fibers, which have a magnetic effect on dust particles, and bind the dust. The dust gets trapped in the cleaner, and can’t move on to attack other items in the showcase. The fibers are often referred to as "Swiffer rags", but this does not do the the used high-tech fibers justice. In the accompanying material, MOMIRA’s experts mention that the cleaning system has a protective effect and after use dust doesn’t settle on models as quickly. I found no evidence to this, as a longer testing period would be necessary.

The cleaning fibers are loosely attached to the casing, so if a fiber gets stuck to a sharp or protruding piece of the model, the fiber simply tears off, and does not damage the model. In the worst case scenario  - I had the underbody of a CMC Ferrari – some micro fibers can accumulate but this can be easily removed. However, the manual clearly points out that any model with loose parts should not be pushed through the system as this could cause damage.

It should be noted: The MOMIRA cleaning system works great with slightly dusty models, it is easy to use and does not damage the models. Despite these limitations, every collector has to decide for himself if he needs the Model Car Duster or not. As for me, I was quite impressed with the facility.

We recommend that users from Munich and the surrounding areas visit our retail partner Supercars. Alexander Schakow would be happy to   demonstrate the world’s first model of car-cleaning system.

We wish to thank MOMIRA KG for supplying us with demonstration models.«

Text and pictures: Georg Hämel