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MOMIRA: Diecast Collector certifies a "polished performance"

MOMIRA tested and certified by Diecast CollectorDiecast Collector is well-established as one of the most popular UK magazine for collectors of all types of models. In the newest issue the MOMIRA model car duster has been tested and proven to work.

Quote from the original article:
»(...) The initial packaging is impressive and I was becoming optimistic about its performance. (...) We began with a slightly dusty black taxi made by Budgie. We drove in, through and out three times, and each time there was an improvement. We felt that black was actually a difficult colour to deal with at any time but despite this, the car was dust-free and cleaner on each occasion. We were somewhat surprised and encouraged!
The next car tested was a maroon Mercedes by Corgi Toys. On the first drive through the car was dust free with a slight sheen and by the third treatment the car's appearance was really good - now with a rather impressive gleam.
I have now used the car cleaning system for a number of cars and i am impressed. (...)«

View the complete article from DieCast Collector


Praise for the MOMIRA Car Model Duster

In its current issue Nr. 14, the car model tradeThe DIECAST MAGAZINE, Issue Nr. 14 journal »The DIECAST MAGAZINE« has published a report on our Car Model Duster. This is a short excerpt from the article:

»Dust would have to be every collector's worst enemy. So when Momira, based in Germany, sent TDM a sample of its new Model Car Duster, we put it to the test. We grabbed the closest convertible on hand and left it outside for 24 hours. The model ended up filthy, inside and out. We were interested to see if the interior would also be cleaned by the Model Car Duster. Opening each end of what is a box filled with microfiber »dust magnets« (fluff in a box) with Hamma-Tech cleaning technology, we slowly and gently wiggled the model through. The result after two runs through was fantastic (...).«

Read the whole article from THE DIECAST MAGAZINE

MOMIRA got the patent from DPMA
The German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA) granted the german patent to MOMIRA. The patent, titled "Cleaning device for dry cleaning of irregular objects", gots the number 10 2010 001 854. Now, the brilliant cleaning system, our model car duster works with, is protected by patent.
Zertifikat Ja zu Deutschland von MomiraMomira - Made in Germany

Momira KG has been awarded the right to label its products “Made in Germany”. This was only granted after a rigorous audit determined that the production of our Momira Model Car Duster takes place in Germany.

Read more about the certification ...

The MOMIRA model car cleaning system is patent pending.

The patent application at the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA), titled "Cleaning device for dry cleaning of irregular objects", was published on June 30, 2011 as patent application DE 10 2010 001 854 A1. Until final approval, our model car cleaning system is “patent pending”.

The model car magazine nominated our model car cleaning system for the Innovation Award.The model car magazine nominated our model car cleaning system for the Innovation Award.

Read more: Modellfahrzeug issue 4/2011 page 55

MOMIRA in Fachhandelsmagazin ToysMomira: Clean-flyer.

The journal Toys reports on MOMIRA’S products in Trends & Themes

Read about it here:
Toys – The Journal issue 6/2011 page 40

MOMIRA verleiht Lieferantenpreis an Pindinger BehindertenwerkstätteMomira honors the workshop for the disabled in Piding.

The Pidinger workshop for the disabled in Berchtesgaden received the Supplier of the Year award 2011 from MOMIRA.

Read the press release in the Reichenhaller Tageblatt.

Preisübergabe für dem Gebäude der Pindinger BehindertenwerkstättePreisübergabe vor dem Kleinbus der Pindinger Behindertenwerkstätte

MOMIRA Handschuh für Modellfahrzeuge in Fachzeitschrift ModellfahrzeugCollectables: Momira’s Specialized gloves

With a feeling for flair

Momira looking towards the future, introduces special collector's gloves and launches sweepstakes ...

Read the article in Modellfahrzeug issue 3/2011 page 61

Metall:87The Model Car Duster was presented in a report on the Nuremberg International Toy Fair by Oliver Sebert from Metall:87, on page 9.

Read more:   

Top Collect Prospekt 02-2011Our dealer, Top Collect, knows how to bring its customers closer to innovation. The Model Car Duster was unveiled in Top Collect’s periodical.

Read more : Top Collect's brochure

KaDeWeAs part of the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2011, Momira’s most successful distributor for 2010 was honored for its sales success and was awarded the Gold Model Car Duster. We congratulate Mr. Alexander Schakow from Supercars to his great success!

Read more: Presentation of the Golden Model Car Duster

KaDeWeGermany’s largest model car club presented the MOMIRA Model Car Duster as the Nuremberg Toy Fair innovation 2011.

Read more: Fair news from the automotive sector

Manager-MagazinA further report on the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2011 in which the model car-cleaning system is presented.   This can be found in the online edition of Manager Magazin.

Read more: luxury model cars, fine cars for big kids

KaDeWeAt the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2011, AYEE ( filmed a report presenting the Model Car Duster. Thank you for the support!
See it for yourself on YouTube: Impressions of the Toy Fair
KaDeWeThe Nuremberg Toy Fair 2011 was a great success for Momira, and its innovation: The Model Car Duster. Even the news magazine SPIEGEL reports on our cleaning system in "SPIEGEL ONLINE".

Read the article by Tom Grünweg: Report SPIEGEL ONLINE

The Swiss magazine Automobilrevue presented the Model Car Duster as a gift idea in the December 2010 issue. We are very pleased that we are getting so much attention in Switzerland.

Read the article in Automobilrevue: Automobilrevue 12-2010

KaDeWeThe trade magazine for the collector of model buses, Modellbus.Info has tested the Momira model car cleaning system in detail and with very good test results on various bus models.

Read the full report: Test report

KaDeWeWe are delighted that we may now also include the biggest department store in Europe among our distribution partners. The assortment and product display make shopping a unique experience.

Take a look: KaDeWe

Bericht Auto-Bild Klassik Momira ModellautoreinigungsanlageIn the 12-2010 issue of the collector’s magazine “Modell Magazin” our “Carwash for model cars” was thoroughly tested and recommended! Take a look at the publisher: Modell Magazin from the Alba-publishing house

Read the report here: Test report Modell Magazin

Bericht Auto-Bild Klassik Momira ModellautoreinigungsanlageThe "Audi Modellauto Club Ingolstadt“ invited fans and collectors to the 17th model car exchange on November 11, 2010. It was a very good event and there was keen interest in the Momira Model Car Duster. The local station intv referred to our cleaning system in their report.

See the report here: intv - Television for the region

In the 01-2011 edition of Auto Bild Klassik on page 145, the Model Car Duster is listed at the top of the Christmas wish list. Read Auto-Image Classical online at or pick up your Christmas wish at one of our dealers, who will gladly help you.

Read the report here: Wish list for Christmas

Test November 9th, 2010, the Bavarian Television’s evening news reported on the production of the Model Car Duster at the Pidinger workshop for the disabled in Berchtesgaden.

See the report here: »Live from Piding II«.

Test model car cleaning system was tested on the website – Test result: "The MOMIRA cleaning system works great with slightly dusty models, is easy to use and does not damage the models".

Read the entire test »Battle against Dust!«.

Artikel Toys FachmagazinAn article about our product is in the current issue of Toys. 

Download the article from Toys Oktober 2010

Vorbericht Sammler Modellfahrzeug Oktober 2010In the current issue, October 2010, the magazine “Modell Fahrzeug” reported on our model car cleaning system again.. 

Download Article: Modell Fahrzeug Oktober 2010

CMC-CLASSIC-MODELCARS.DE powered by Exklusive Automobilmodelle Baden-Baden put  our product through an exhaustive test:

Now we’ve seen everything – even a “car wash” for model cars. No, make that a cleaning system for model cars. While the term "wash" immediately evokes associations of a lush foam, the term "cleaning system for model cars," stokes our curiosity. At this point we presume that the cleaning system for model cars is a “dry business” as opposed to its big brothers, the car wash. In the truest sense of the word it is"bone dry" ...

Read the entire article at the following link:


Reinigungsanlage ModellautoProduct of the week in “Auto Bild”
(Issue Nr. 36 / 10.09.2010)

The automotive magazine with the largest circulation car "Auto Bild" honors the young company Momira and their innovative product, the Model Car Duster as "gift of the week". No longer is the patented, gentle cleaning and preservation of model cars a secret!

Momira Modellautowaschanlage: Presseartikel Momira, along with 40 other exhibitionists, was present at the Carmania model car exchange 2010. A report is in the September 6th, 2010 issue of the journal “Main-Spitze”.

Download the article Model Car Car Wash / Carmania 2010

Vorbericht Sammler Modellfahrzeug August 2010A report about our Model Car Duster appeared in the August 2010 issue of the journal Modell Fahrzeug. A complete test of our product will appear in the next issue.. 

Download Article: Modell Fahrzeug August 2010

Ja zu Deutschland, the web page for products “Made in Germany” voted Momira ltd. product of the week! The “Made in Germany” label is a sign for quality. This feature plays a major role in our company policies. We also support people with disabilities, who assist in the manufacture of our product and do excellent work!

MOMIRA KG: LogoMomira was founded on January 8th, 2010 by Michael Rupin as a private company, and has since been renamed a limited partnership.
Managing directors are Mr. Hans Müller and Mr. Michael Rupin.
Momira ltd. makes cleaning systems for the dry-cleaning of irregular objects, such as model cars, model trains and collectors pieces.