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Momira KG makes cleaning systems for the dry cleaning of irregularly shaped objects such as model cars, model trains, and collectible figures.

Using the Model Car Cleaning System is simple. Model cars are put through Model Car Cleaning System. The cars are clean after one or several passes through the system, depending on how dirty they are.

Compared to conventional cleaning procedures, this ingeniously simple method not only saves time but is also very user-friendly and also has the enormous advantage no dust is blown about, which can re-settled on the model car or other exhibits.


Manufacture of our products

Pidinger Werkst├Ątten: Herstellung der MOMIRA-AnlagenThe model car cleaning systems are manufactured in Germany by hand. Momira KG supports disabled people from the region, in the Pidinger workshops of Lebenshilfe in Berchtesgaden


Corporate Philosophy

Ja zu Deutschland. Momira macht mit.Simply brilliant – brilliantly simple! The Momira model car cleaning system combines pure perfection with passion. Environmental protection is the preservation of life and protecting people’s health. These ideals and our native country are very important to us. Therefore, our model car cleaning plant is assembled by hand in Germany.

Momira’s Model Car Cleaning Plant has been certified by “Ja zu Deutschland”.